Tuesday, October 30, 2012

They'll judge it like they know about me and you

The second project of this marking period was the "Next President" collage. I decided to take on the idea of gay rights and that although Obama said he originally opposed it but, he views were evolving. I think that is the most important point of all.. even if the congress doesn't pass gay rights now, they will when our generation takes power. The world has EVOLVED and people simply don't "care",for lack of a better word. 
My collage still needs work. I will continue to work into it and bring out more of my message. I have always had a little trouble with collage because in my mind I am very organized. I have a process and the idea of not knowing where this is going is difficult. This time I pleasantly surprised my self and I'm very happy with the way this piece is going.  

Who wears these shoes?

      This marking period we were challenged to draw piles of shoes. Each student had a different view, even those that sat in the same seats. I wasn't too worried about my final project considering I had done shoe drawings sophomore year also. I enjoyed the process and overall I'm very happy with the way it turned out. My favorite part about this project was finding my shoe drawing from 7th grade. I love seeing my progress from year to year and how I have evolved. At the start of the project I barley thought about composition, it came naturally to create something interesting. I started to realize how long ago 7th grade was...like really..that drawing is ancient. My life is so different from back then, I've walked in my shoes, I've grown into them , I've dirtied them, they have holes, they have scars...but there more ME than ever.